Adding a supporting process to a stage

Add a supporting process to a stage to support additional processing that can occur only while the case is in the stage.

  1. In the Explorer panel of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.
  2. On the Workflow tab, click Optional actions if Life cycle is selected.
  3. In the Stage-only actions section, click a stage name, and then click +Action.
  4. Choose a supporting process.
    • To add a new process, click Process.

    • To add an existing process, click More > Processes and then select a process.

  5. Replace the default label for the process with a name that describes the purpose of the process.
  6. Optional: To control whether this process is an available option at run time, press the Down Arrow key in the Allowed when field and select the name of a when condition.
  7. Optional: Add steps to your process to define tasks that users can perform when they choose to run the process.
    1. Click + Step.
    2. Click a step type from the palette that is displayed, and replace the default text with a step name.
  8. Click Save.
At run time, you can refer to the header of a case to find the supporting processes that are available for the current stage.