Notifying case participants of new assignments

Override your notification policy to send custom correspondence to case participants when an assignment is created in a case.

  1. Open a flow that contains an assignment by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer. If you are already have case-type settings open, you can click a process in a stage of the life cycle, and then click Open process.
  2. Double-click an assignment in the flow diagram.
  3. In the Assignment properties dialog box, expand the Notifications section.
  4. In the Send notification list, select Custom.
  5. In the Notify field, press the Down Arrow key and select an activity that sends correspondence to one or more work parties.
  6. If the activity accepts parameters, enter a value for each parameter in the fields that are displayed. Parameter values are validated when you save the flow.
    Note: To view a parameter description, hover over the parameter name.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Save.